Welcome to the TrAC project: Trans Ageing and Care. A research project seeking to develop dignified and inclusive health and social care services for older trans people in Wales. Based at Swansea University in the Centre for Innovative Ageing, this project is dedicated to improving health and social care services for trans* individuals over 50 years of age. We also want to learn more about the wellbeing, needs and interests of trans and gender diverse adults in later life.

The project is proudly delivered in collaboration with Unique Transgender Network and the Older LGBT Network for Wales, Age Cymru. You can find out more about the project through this website.

The project ended in December 2018. Read our final report: Trans ageing and care research briefing.



What do we mean by trans?

We use the term ‘Trans’ as broad reference to a range of people whose gender identity and/or gender expression differ in some way from the gender assumptions made about them at birth and the biological sex assigned to them. This applies not only to those who identify as transgender, but to anyone who feels that the gender assigned to them at birth incompletely or does not at all describe their own gender identity. This could include people who undergo gender reassignment to live in an acquired gender, cross-dressing people and others who self-define as gender variant, gender-queer, non-binary or gender-non-conforming.



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